You wake up in some strange steel bunker. You don't know what happened to you or how you got here, but the splitting headache sure gives some indication. Your clothes are different... why am I wearing this strange suit? Whats this 'SUBJECT 33' written on it?

Just when you thought your day was strange enough, you step outside the bunker and have a look around. It's a bloody maze! Whats going on here?! You hear a very disturbing sound that suddenly stirs up fear.

As you start away from it, you see what looks like a robot come around the corner. Your jaw drops and you run like hell. You whip around the corner as it fires. He just barely missed you. You look down this new corridor and what do you suddenly see? A weird looking hand gun!

That thing is still coming... no time for all these questions. You scoop up the odd looking pistol in your hand as you run by and make for cover somewhere down the hall. Just as the thing comes into your sights you fire off a few shots. *Bam!* The robot explodes as sparks fly off it.

Ok, you've never seen anything like that before. Being attacked by a robot and now a gun that fires fancy bullets? What is this place?!?! And how the hell can I get out of here?

Then you hear another one... more?! Just then it clicks 'SUBJECT 33', the maze, the robots, the gun... this is some sort of sick game! I’ve got to get out of here! And... can I get out of here?

Blast ‘em!