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Welcome to the far side of the galaxy...

You play as a soldier of fortune selecting contracts and going on missions for pay throughout the known galaxy. You decide the missions you will take and who you are willing to work for. Space is a boundless and trecherious place and you seek to carve out a living in it. As you play you will make enemies and allies so choose carefully as you start your carer as a Space Mercenary.


It's a side scrolling platform shooter adventure coming to the OUYA, Windows & Mac focusing on story, game play in the form of what we like to think of as the "classic console experience." The old games made you think and dream of a huge evolving world that unfolded before you. Thanks to the modern consoles and computers of today, you can now experience that in this ever changing retro-style sci-fi story where you have control of your place within it.

Let's take a further look at the known galaxy:

Humans have long since gone to the stars and spread out into a vast alliance of core and outer colonies. They have met countless alien races and over the years to which they have fought with some and allied with others. They are currently a part of what is called the "council of five," which is a diplomatic group of the most powerful amoung the many alien races within the known galaxy.